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 Locksmith West Byfleet has a team of professional car locksmiths to provide fast and expert automotive locksmith services. We are here to help drivers and car owners whenever they experience problems with their trunk or door lock, transponder chip key, lost car key, and many other issues. Our technicians are fully trained and experienced to work on cars of all makes and models, so regardless of the type of locking mechanism of your car, they can help you.

Auto Locksmith in West Byfleet


We offer nothing less than perfect service and care

Have you misplaced your keys? There is no need to worry.  We have an established lost car keys replacement service. Our team knows how to do it all, regardless if you are using standard non-remote keys or a more advanced transponder key. In today’s modern world, it’s not just a case of car key cutting but of transponder key programming. In case you need immediate assistance because you are on the road, we readily offer emergency assistance. We open the lock by lock-picking and get to work replacing your keys. We can also rekey locks to make sure that only you have key access your vehicle.

Are your keys stuck in the ignition? Our auto locksmith is equipped with tools to solve such problems. We diagnose the problem thoroughly so the effective solution is found. In case of broken ignition key, you need to have the parts fixed. The chip would have to be removed and reinserted into a newly cut key. If it snaps into the ignition, we can extract it for you.

Our team is also ready to help you during emergency lockouts. Lockouts may be due to various reasons; many of them are already mentioned. If this happens on the road, we are available to assist you at the best possible time. Once you call us, our locksmith will arrive swiftly, complete with tools and supplies, so you can get back to driving in no time. With us, you acquire a reliable service provider who is willing to respond to you anytime and anywhere.

To be able to serve you, get in touch with us so we can assess your problem and provide the best solution. Please, call us today.

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