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Common Car Key Problems

04/20/2015 Back To Blog

Key maintenance is an important part of car maintenance. However, it is often overlooked. Car owners would regularly inspect the tires, the brake, the clutch, etc., but would not look onto how effective the car door locks actually are. This could be a serious threat to your safety, which heightens your vulnerability to experience a lockout.Maintain Car Locks and Keys

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You would hardly need car door opening through an expert if you are aware how to take good care of your locks and keys. Cleaning and lubricating the door locks would easily avoid rusting and jamming, which could create problems for you in the process. Other common car key problems that you should pay attention to include:

*Lost car keys. This could either be due to your simple negligence or due to some people’s interest to break into your car and steal whatever valuables you have inside, including the entire automobile if possible.

*Broken car key. Another popular trouble that car owners experience is a broken key. You see, when your key gets rusty, it could stick into the lock and be quite difficult to remove, until it snaps into two. Broken key extraction can be done by an auto locksmith. He will also be the one to help you with a rekey or to have a new car key made.

*Ignition key gets stuck. If your shifter fails, you might suffer from this trouble, to the extent that you will need to find help in unlocking of ignition.

*Transponder chip is damaged. This is another trouble worth preventing because it will not only put you at an inconvenient position but would also cause you costly repairs.

*The old key is completely worn out. If your car key is no longer fit to open and lock your car doors, you certainly need a new key cut, according to the original specifications.

Car key troubles could put you in a mess. That’s why it is very important that you check your car keys and locks regularly. You must have a foot forward in this regard if you do not want to get stuck in the middle of the road because your vehicle is not starting with the key, or the car door is not opening.

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