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Read the questions and answers on locks and keys below for achieving even better security

Achieve success with your lock and door knob problems by standing on the shoulders of giants, or people who have had the same problem resolved by our expert locksmiths. Visit our FAQ page today and read up on other peoples’ solutions.

  • How important is the lock’s bolt projection for security?

    When a lock has a longer bolt, it will be more difficult for an intruder to open the door with force. As per the current British Standards, the projection of the bolt must be at least 20 mm. This means that the bolt must go at least 20 mm into the frame of the door.

  • How can I align the lock?

    The bolt of the security locks must enter the hole at the strike plate. If they're not aligned, check the strike plate. It must be in the right position and well-tightened. The bolt mustn't be very tight. If the problem isn't fixed, call our experts for lock repair.

  • What lubricant is best for car locks?

    The specialists of Locksmith West Byfleet recommend checking the owner's manual first to see what the manufacturer suggests. In general, the lubricant has to be lasting and provide protection from freezing. It must not be sticky. Graphite and silicone products usually do a good job. It is best if the tube or spray comes with a thin nozzle for precise application.

  • Are the rekey kits for home use helpful?

    Even though most kits are quite comprehensive and contain the main parts and tools which you need, there is never a guarantee customers will achieve expected results without professional knowledge and skills. There is a high risk of causing damage to the lock. If this damage is beyond repair, consider investing in lock replacement.

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