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Learning about Car Locks

05/06/2015 Back To Blog

One of the most expensive investments people make in their lifetime is a car. Vehicles of this type come with different makes and models that require certain measures to keep them as well as the items inside safe from car thieves. The best way to achieve this is by the use of effective car locks. However, there are instances where vehicle owners get locked out of their cars, at any given time of the day. This is when an automobile locksmith comes in handy. Different ways to lock cars and prevent them from being stolen have been used.  One model came with a removal steering wheel to deter car thieves and soon enough, different car locks were introduced in the market.Learning about Car Locks

Various Locks

Cylindrical Locks - This most common type of lock uses a metal key to open and lock. Basically, same key is used to turn on the ignition. Two versions of this kind are the pin and wafer tumblers. The former works with a key that is designed to push the series of pins inside the locking mechanism to open the car door. If the wrong key is used, it will be impossible to open or lock the door using a key. The wafer tumbler, on the contrary, uses flat, one-piece wafers that are pushed by the key specifically designed for the lockset. Although this type works well, once this gets damaged or lost, problem sets in. To resolve this, a car locksmith can be called for key duplication.

Electronic Locks - With the evolution of technology, other types of locking systems have also been introduced and one of these is uses keyless entry or what is known as electronic locks. This type works by way of sending a signal with the use of a handheld electronic device to unlock and lock doors. This type is preferred nowadays because it gives the owner easier and faster access to their car.  Moreover, even from a distance, it makes it possible to open the door. That said, car owners should be careful not to leave it lying anywhere for possible theft. The first versions included a keypad installed above the door handle. Nowadays, there is the kind that uses a key fob. What is great about this electronic key is that there is no need to push a button for operation. By being near the car at a given distance, it can lock and unlock the vehicle.

Apart from mechanical locks, key fobs and the number pads, newer car models are equipped with a programmable transponder key chip that makes it car thief-proof since it will not work with key duplicates and fake ones. And in case the chip malfunctions, a locksmith can re-program the chip for the owner. Over the years, the ways cars are locked have changed, from the simplest to a more complicated type designed to protect cars or the valuables inside from being stolen. Ensure the security of your vehicle by hiring Locksmith West Byfleet.

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