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Reinforce Deadbolt Door Locks

04/20/2015 Back To Blog

Deadbolt installation is quite very important if you want a high level of security in your home. Burglars and thieves will have a field day if you don’t. Even homes protected with a high quality lockset can be vulnerable to unauthorised entries without a deadbolt.Deadbolt Door Locks

Buying Quality Deadbolts

Deadbolts, in addition to high security locks, add another layer of protection, a much-needed one at that, to help putting off potential break-ins. But buying one does not automatically ensure protection. You need to be mindful choosing a unit if you want to make your hard earned money worth it. Buying cheap as opposed to buying high quality makes a significant difference. For best results, always choose to stick to brands that are long known for their outstanding quality.

Another thing to consider when buying a deadbolt is to ensure that you buy a model that’s stronger than the economy unit. A hardened steel bolt that keys in from the inside of the house is the better option for security. However, it could pose as a safety hazard in case of fire, especially if young children are around. That’s why you have to be extra careful where to keep the keys. Ideally, they should be near the door but of course, away from the sight of others.

Ensure Quality Installation

Installing a deadbolt requires a high level of skill. If you are not aware of the complicated processes involved, it would be too risky to try to DIY the task at hand. A faulty installation is almost equivalent to non-installation, which puts your safety at risk. Calling in a domestic locksmith from our company, who offers fully insured work is always the better option. Our experts have the necessary materials, trainings, and knowledge to deal with any type of security products and all kinds of locksmith jobs.

Aside from installing deadbolts, we can also provide essential services like home safe installation, lock upgrade, and others. We will not stop working until we are sure you are left satisfied with the quality of service we provide. Our local locksmiths are committed to excellent workmanship. We are dedicated to keep our customers satisfied.

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