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Avoid lock and key issues by following the practical tips which are provided here

  • My key says “Do Not Duplicate”. Can a copy be made?

    Technically yes, only if you can prove ownership of the lock the key unlocks. Copying such key without an authorisation is illegal.

  • Try using locks that offer keyless entry

    If you’re the type of person who always loses his or her keys, our experts suggest that you should try using electronic door locks that offer some kind of keyless entry.  Having keyless door locks has several advantages, such as being able to change the code without changing the whole locks and having a log of who opens it.

  • Have Broken Locks Fixed Right Away

    Many owners do not act immediately when they encounter broken doors or locks. They think that nothing might happen if they wait for the next day or week to have it fixed. The specialists at Locksmith in West Byfleet strongly suggest having the problem dealt with right away. It’s better to be safe than sorry, as thieves could attack anytime.

  • Winterize exterior door locks in the autumn

    You should clean the locks first to remove any dust and dirt which prevent them from operating normally. Then you need to apply lubricant inside them. The graphite and silicon sprays are not sticky and this makes them fine options. If dirt starts to come out as you spray the lubricant inside, you should do it until and liquid becomes clear.

  • Remove debris from locks with vacuum or compressed air

    Both of these methods are quite safe and work well. It is up to you to decide whether it will be more effective to suck in the debris or to have it blown away. The technicians of Locksmith West Byfleet recommend that both the lock and the strike plate are properly cleaned for best results.

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